Cows in a barn Cows in a barn

Our own farm in the mountains of Hinterglemm

Grass-fed cattle and smoked products from our own butchery

Spending the summers on the lush green alpine meadows and later become refined with our own hands, a confession to Austrian quality where you know the origin: We are especially proud of our own farm with our Pinzgau cattle which is raised in a species-appropriate way and with much love. The result can be tasted in our restaurant.

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The world's most beautiful cattle

But our cattle are not any random breed, quite the contrary. Our family breeds the indigenous race Pinzgau cattle at the Mitterlengaugut already in the fourth generation. The positive characteristics of this Pinzgau race are the outstanding maternal instinct, the resilience, the peaceableness and the longevity which favour extensive farming in our high mountain areas. We, the breeders, value the many positive performance characteristics and claim the Pinzgau cattle to be “the world’s most beautiful cattle”.

100 % Austrian beef

In former times, the Mitterlengau farm was operated as a dairy farm. In 1998, our family head Hanslois decided to switch to a meat farm. Our cattle are raised caringly on our farm in Hinterglemm. As we are surrounded by lush nature it goes without saying that the animals spend the summers on the alpine pastures. Even the processing and refinement happens under the same roof. With the own butchery which was built in 1999 we can guarantee gentle, animal-friendly and clean processing and, above all, the highest quality standard - and this 100% “made in Mitterlengau”.

From the stable to the pasture

During summer, our cattle graze on the lush pastures above Hinterglemm. The breeding bull, the cows with their calves and the young cattle are taken to our alpine pastures in the head of the valley every year in May. There the animals stay until late autumn, surrounded by free nature and clear mountain air.

While our cattle enjoy the summer on the pastures, we see to fill the barn with valuable mountain hay. This is our cattle’s food during the winter months and is the best that the animals can get in the cold season.

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In 1999, our enterprise was increased by a butchery. Therefore, the cattle, pigs and sheep can be killed in a gentle and stress-free way. Clean processing rooms as well as a large refrigerator are an absolute must. Here our 2-3-year-old alpine oxen are killed and processed for our hotel. The meat parts are dissected and prepared for the kitchen by Hanslois who then gives them to our chef. He refines the parts with gentle preparation and delicate spices to turn them into real treats.

You are very warmly invited to enjoy our specialties - every day of your holiday. Let yourself be pampered by our kitchen and have a good glass of wine with it. We look forward to your visit.

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