Hikers on the mountain pasture Hikers on the mountain pasture

Game from Hinterglemm’s mountains

Own hunting grounds for best venison from the region

The Hubertushof and hunting are the passion of their owners. Hanslois and Elfi, Dominik and Julia are passionate hosts and hunters. The hunting grounds extend over the mountain region in the head of the valley of Saalbach Hinterglemm and can also be discovered during hikes on the signposted trails.
A chamois in the pasture
Explore the alpine animals
On the hunt
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Nurture and care

Living in harmony with nature and our wild animals has always been a matter of great concern to us. Of course, hunting is not only about shooting game. Throughout the whole year, the game is nurtured and cared for. One of the most important things is to provide the game in the snowy winters with enough food. The deer are fed 2-3 times a week, the red deer get new food every day. The chamois spend the winters in higher altitudes and find food themselves. In spring, the hunters distribute salt-lick-stones that are very important and necessary for the animals’ vitality.

Venison is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients, low in fat, healthy and very tasty. Venison from chamois is unrivalled when it comes to health-promoting substances rich in nutrients. Our guests at the Hubertushof will be pampered with finest venison from red deer, roe deer and chamois.

We do everything ourselves, from hunting to processing

In our mountainous regions, the wild animals can roam freely and thrive excellently in their natural habitat. The hunting season begins in July as the game is in its best constitution and condition from this period. This way, the high quality of our homemade venison is ensured. After a successful hunt, the killed game matures in our functional refrigerator. Afterwards the game is dissected and the meat pieces are vacuumed. The quality of the venison processed this way is unmatched. The freshness and the taste of the venison can hardly be preserved in a gentler way. Treat yourself to this culinary experience during your holiday with us at the Hubertushof.

Watch the game from a close perspective

Those who love to hike around Hinterglemm can watch the wild life in the forests with a little bit of luck. The mountains and forests are populated by red deer, chamois, roe deer, marmots and black grouse, up in the air you can watch birds of prey.

At the Hotel Hubertushof, we will be happy to tell you more about hunting and give you tips for good spots to watch the game. The specialties from our own hunt will excite your palate at the buffet after an active day. Look forward to a holiday close to nature in Hinterglemm!

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