Cattle on a mountain pasture Cattle on a mountain pasture

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The restaurant, the traditional Hubertusstube and the new Jagdstube in Saalbach-Hinterglemm are the perfect place to enjoy and spend time after a day full of adventures. Fortify yourself with regional Austrian dishes and share the experiences of your day in Hinterglemm over a glass of wine.

We will especially indulge you with dishes from Salzburg young cattle, home-made smoked products, fish from our alpine fish pond and game specialties from our own hunting grounds.


TUESDAY: Rest day – BAR Restaurant closed in the evening

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Beef – Pinzgau alpine ox

Regional meat from our own farm

The highest meat quality of young cattle will tickle your palate at our restaurant - an unequalled culinary delight. All summer long, our cattle from the Mitterlengau farm grazes on the lush alpine meadows in the fresh mountain air and with more than enough space to roam. Also, the dishes of wild game that we will serve you as a delicious menu come from our hunting grounds. Game belongs to the healthiest types of meat, is almost fat free and rich in best nutrients.

You can also enjoy excellent fish at our hotel. In our own fish pond with ice cold mountain water, trouts and chars thrive very well. During summer, the fish are fed every day so that they are ready for the kitchen in autumn. They are served in whole or as a fillet.

All delicacies, be it beef, pork and mutton or trout and char to red deer, roe deer and chamois, are processed and refined by us ourselves. Be it traditional dishes, smoked products or sausages, we produce everything on our own farm.


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The smoking chamber

Our delicious smoked products are also homemade. First, the meat of pork, beef or red deer is marinated in a spice mixture and cured with salt. Then the specialties are smoked cold over beech chips and air-dried. Also, our sausages specially from game are produced in this way.

The smoked specialties can be found on our starter buffet.

This holiday will surely make lasting memories for quite some time. Young cattle from our own pasture in Salzburg, homemade venison specialities and outstanding freshwater fish, a feast could not taste better. If you want to experience these highlights for yourself, we look forward to your enquiry at our Hubertushof.

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